Vacuum system

The vacuum system is one of the key components in your milking system – providing vacuum for efficient milk extraction, milk transport and for effective cleaning of the whole system.

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Vacuum system


DeLaval vacuum pump DVP

DeLaval vacuum pump DVP gives a very stable vacuum level to help ensure regulators, pulsators and milking clusters optimally function within a smooth, comfortable milking process. This can result in better milk quality and higher farm productivity.

  • Easy installation
  • Reliable performance
  • Efficient operation

DeLaval vacuum pump DVP-NFO

Vane vacuum pump with unique NFO frequency inverter and integrated DeLaval vacuum pump controller VPC for much quieter milking and energy savings of 30% to 75%. Electronic control regulates vacuum levels: constant vacuum at 30% to 50% capacity for milking, full vacuum for cleaning. Up to three DVP2700-NFO pumps can be controlled by one VPC in our multi-pump solution, managing up to 80 milking points.

  • Helps save up to 60% energy
  • Available in different capacities

DeLaval vacuum pump oil

Pump capacity is vital to quality milk production, good udder health and plant cleaning. Original DeLaval vacuum pump oil cost effectively helps protect pump life, the milking system and resulting profits.

  • Specially developed for dairy vacuum pumps
  • Excellent lubrication even in extreme temperatures
  • Helps maintain vacuum pumps' peak condition

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