DeLaval Rotary E300™

The design of the DeLaval Rotary E300 is based on the fast flow principle - this means it is designed to help you milk fast, effectively, safely and calmly - with a smooth flow of cows. It all adds to a better place to be for you, your workers and your cows.

  • One person operation
  • Fast flow of cows
  • Designed for calm and healthy cows
  • High quality milking cluster
  • Expert service and support

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DeLaval Rotary E300™

Key Benefits

One person operation

  • Efficient use of labor
  • Improved safety
  • Information at your fingertips

The DeLaval Cockpit® unlocks the possibility of one person operation. It is about giving you access to more information, more automation, more functions and more technology than we've ever given you before – and to deliver it so that one person can operate everything safely, comfortably and easily, from a central point - the place where you are in total control – the Cockpit of your DeLaval Rotary.

Fast flow of cows

  • Short milking times
  • Consistent routines
  • Fast, efficient loading

The fast flow principle that underpins everything we have built into the Rotary E300 relies on the seamless interaction of every part of the system. It is reflected in the position of the cockpit, the design of the bail, the entrance and the exit of the rotary, the service and performance plan - it all adds up to the fast movement of cows through the system.

Designed for calm and healthy cows

  • Comfortable cows
  • Manage udder health
  • Designed to reduce mastitis and cross contamination

Short wait times and a calm, fast and comfortable process is key to improving the welfare of your herd. Combining this with the tools for monitoring and maintaining consistent udder health makes the DeLaval Rotary E300 a leader in animal welfare and hygiene.

High quality milking cluster

  • DeLaval Evanza™ clusters
  • High milk flow
  • Labor saving design

The revolutionary exclusive and patented Evanza™ milking cluster is not just our fastest cluster, it's also better for your cows, better for your milkers and better for your bottom line. It is quite simply our most advanced cluster, and in combination with the Rotary E300 it is a key part of what makes it so efficient.

Expert service and support

  • DeLaval InService™ All-Inclusive
  • Local experts with global support
  • Flexible plans at one agreed price

We know that selecting a DeLaval milking system is not a short-term commitment. In many cases it represents a 10-15 year relationship. Your milking system, like any hard worker, requires maintenance, servicing and replacement of oils, filters, liners, detergents as well as regular cleaning to keep it performing at the level you demanded when you purchased it.

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