“You could see this parlour is built to last. The build quality is really what blew us away!.”

Emyr Owen from Llanrwst in Wales recently decided to switch from beef & sheep to dairy. He was working outside the farm also as a manger for a young stock herd and as his parents were getting older he had been thinking about investing in dairy to improve farm income.

Bodrach Farm

Llanrwst, United Kingdom

Bodrach Farm


Jersey Friesian Cross



Last year while Emyr was in the process of researching parlours to suit his farm he visited a farmer in Ireland who had a 50point DeLaval parlour and was very impressed.

“I was quite new to DeLaval parlours and had visited a farmer in Ireland to buy calves from and he had a 50 point DeLaval rotary. We were in the process of looking at parlours and we really liked what we saw with the DeLaval rotary, we couldn’t fault it!”


This year Emyr installed the first E100 Rotary in the UK, it is a 40 point with ACR’s, on deck teat spraying, bail retention and milk meters. He chose DeLaval as cow comfort, labour efficiency and build quality were very important to Emyr.

“We wanted to put the cow & staff first – A parlour with good cow flow and attractive to staff. 400 cows under 2 hrs comfortably with 1 person doing the milking.”

“The build quality and finish really set the DeLaval rotary apart from other brands. The farmer feedback from talking with farmers who had DeLaval rotary’s was all very positives”

“Little things like the vacuum level being super smooth and the cows being very happy on the Rotary platform!"

We asked Emyr would he recommend the E100 parlour to other farmers, and we are delighted with the response:

Yes absolutely – a neighbour of mine is actually installing an E100 at the moment."

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