“Food safety was a key factor for us as we are making a raw cheese product"

The Spence family are third generation dairy farmers from Wensleydale. In 2016 following huge volatility in the milk price decided to take the decision to diversify by selling milk and cheese direct from the farm gate.

Home Farm

Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Home Farm





“I had trained as an accountant and my brother was an Architect. 4 years ago we decided city life as it wasn’t for us, but we knew we couldn’t just come back and farm, we needed to do something different.  The farm historically had only supported one family, and with no desire to buy more land and go more intensive adding value was the way to go.”

The family previously had a DeLaval parlour which was installed around 37 years ago, even though Ben mentioned the parlour had been basically problem free for all those years it was time upgrade.

“Our old parlour was in for around 37 years and I thought about how far technology has come on since then so we decided it was time to upgrade and avail of the new technology available"

"When investing in the new parlour we wanted to prevent bacteria and have a lower cell count. In our new parlour we have cluster flush and ice cool which really helps.”

Work Efficiency was another thing, we wanted to spend less time in parlour and have more time to work on other things.”

The family did take time to consider what type of parlour and brand was best for them but in the end decided to install a DeLaval 24/24 rapid exit.

“Our relationship with the dealer won out in the end. As we have always been DeLaval customers we knew the high quality of the products and we were willing to pay for this”

“The rapid exit - when we saw one in action we knew it was wanted this design it was so clean and open and the large pit size appealed to me”

Herd health and hygiene in the parlour is very import on Home Farm. They have also installed a DeLaval Swining Cow Brush, footbath and use all DeLaval chemical and teat dips.While the new parlour has only been installed a short time ago they have already reduced milking time and have had a record breaking bacter scan.

“I’d recommend DeLaval to other farmers - we reinvested with DeLaval so that speaks volumes”

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