“I really can’t fault the back up from our local dealer, it’s been second to none they really have looked after me well. I’m pleased with the robots and the cows have taken to it to.”

Last year Michael made the decision to switch from a suckler herd to dairy herd and invest in a DeLaval VMS robotic milking machine.


Green Acres

Antrim, Northern Ireland

Green Acres






As Michael is a part time farmer who works as a sales rep for a feed company. A robotic milking system appealed to him and allowed him the flexibly he needs.

“Previously I was a part time suckler farmer and I wanted to invest in the farm to help future proof it. The robotic milking system appealed to me as I can still work in my job as a sales rep for a feed company, and so far it has worked out pretty well.”

“A Few friends of mine had DeLaval robots and have had no complaints. Our local dealer Stephen Moore's helped convince me it would work and the DeLaval brand is a well-known good company so that also helped.”

The features that were particularly important to Michael when investing in a robot was animal welfare and how user friendly the robot was for him as a new entrant. The robot was installed in Nov 2018 on an indoor system with free access.

“There was things about the DeLaval robot I preferred to other brands, like the teat preparation was really good and the machine itself just seemed more robust. One thing that seemed to way ahead of other brands was the DelPro software it was easy to understand and get to grips with.”

When asked would Michael recommend DeLaval to other farmers he said: Yes absolutely

“Since we’ve installed the robots the work is different but its nice work and I’m happy out!”





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