“The whole place is DeLaval sure. They are great quality and stand the test of time, if we have the new parlour 40+ years we will be going well”

Michael O’Gorman from Co.Waterford recently decided to invest in a new milking parlour – 24 unit swingover to help improve efficiency and the working environment in the parlour.

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Michael O’Gorman

Waterford, Ireland

Michael O’Gorman


Holstein Friesian



“The old parlour had served us well but it was a bit worn out – it was more suited to a cow yield from the 70’s and wasn’t able to cope with the increased volume we are now producing. We wanted to improve our efficiency by adding cluster removers and auto drafting to help improve cow flow.”

As the O’Gormans have a long standing relationship with their local DeLaval dealer it was an easy decision to reinvest with DeLaval.

“We did look at other brands on the market at the time, but the local service from DeLaval is what won it for us. The lads are driving past nearly every day and if you ever need anything you know they are near.”

Since installing the new parlour the efficiency on the farm has improved and it is a lot more comfortable for the milker.

“It’s a one a man parlour and it’s a lot more comfortable to milk in. Everything we got installed has increased efficiency, obviously there was an investment to begin with but we should see payback soon.”

Along with the parlour the O’Gormans have invested in a new Milk Tank, Backing Gate, 4 station calf feeder all help improve efficiency on the farm.


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