"We liked the guided system for the robot that DeLaval showed and explained to us. The dealer backup was also very important and we previously had a DeLaval parlour."

Simon & Tony Butler from Adare, Co.Limerick have been expanding their herd and milking equipment over the past few years. They installed their first DeLaval VMS milking robot in 2015 and then invested in another in 2018.


Simon & Tony Butler

Limerick, Ireland

Simon & Tony Butler


Holstein Friesian




“Labour was the main challenge we had but we also wanted a system that would improve animal welfare. Since installing the robots we have noticed we have more free time to do other jobs, better cow management as we have a lot more information. We have a better idea of animal health through activity and cell count. We have also seen a reduction in lameness. ”

“The DeLaval guided system gave us more flexibility than others and ABC grazing was easy to incorporate for us. We also thought the DeLaval arm was less bulky and having a individual cup application appealed to me."

Along with having 2 DeLaval VMS Classics installed on the farm, Simon also has DeLaval bulk tank, Calf feeder, Cow brushes and only uses DeLaval chemicals.


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