"If you’re looking at putting in a new shed or getting into it, you have to consider robots"

Heritage Farms has been organic for 30 years and milks 170 cows. They are the first organic, pasture-based dairy farm in the world to install robotic milking machines, and they haven’t looked back.

Heritage Farm

Karaka, NZ

Heritage Farm





When David and Cathy Yates needed to replace their old rotary shed, they started researching robotic milking. Initially, they were worried about losing contact with the cows, but after implementing the cutting-edge VMS milking shed, they noticed it gave them more flexibility and freedom while delivering amazing results. “The individual quarters get milked to exactly their requirements, not too much, not too little, and that’s something that robots can do than nothing else can do,” says David.

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The robotic milking machine also encouraged the Yates’ son, Brian, to join the family business and he became a 6th generation farmer for Heritage Farms.

“What attracted me to the robots at the very early stage was the hours, you’re not spending 4 to 5 hours a day in the cow shed,” says Brian. “It makes for a stress-free environment for the farmers and the cows.”

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