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DeLaval feed fence FT50

A simple solution with one or two horizontal, two-inch pipes installed at the posts. One horizontal pipe is always extended 25 cm in the direction of the feed table, to give the cow a good eating position without pushing against the pipe. DeLaval FT 50 has an animal and user friendly design with a smooth, strong connection for the neck pipe installed on 70x70 mm posts. The installation height of the pipes must be adapted to the animal’s size.

  • Low cost
  • Easy installation
  • Feeding stand
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DeLaval feed fence FT50

Key Benefits

Low cost

As this is our basic solution, the investment cost is lower than the other feed fences.

Easy installation

The design of the DeLaval feed fence FT50, being basicly a horizontal pipe and brackets, makes installation easy.

Feeding stand

Feeding stands are available as an option to prevent displacements at the feed table.

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